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Eye Witness: A Fictional Tale of Absolute Truth
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Endorsements from Book 1 -
"Eye Witness: A Fictional Tale of Absolute Truth"

"Eye Witness: A Fictional Tale of Absolute Truth, is by far one of the best told graphic novel versions of the life of Jesus I have ever seen. The art is dynamic and engaging. It feels like a modern comic with art that is comparable to most professional level comic art on the shelves today."

Joel A. Moroney
Pop Culture Christ (Australia)
“I do not believe I have ever seen anything like it. This is a great way to present the Gospel.”
Paige Patterson/President
Southwest Seminary
“The pacing and dialogue are pro-class.”
Jeffrey Weiss
Dallas Morning News
“I was given more information in these pages than in many Bible handbooks and Study Bibles I have read. This does more to present the Gospel message in an interesting way, than anything in a long time.”
Brian Palmer
InFuse Magazine
“Very compelling and thought provoking. The artwork is incredible. I could tell a ton of work and prayer went into it development.”
Mike Johnson/Youth Pastor
Fellowship Church / Grapevine, TX
"I have just finished reading Eye Witness and this fledgling seminary student is again made aware of how little he knows! Thank you for an entertaining and powerful story.”

Jim Guida/Director of Youth Ministries
Bethany Presbyterian Church

“Christian graphic novels will appeal to teens because of the style of presentation. It's an anima style that the kids like. I think it's good to get the message out in a way that kids will read it. More young people would pick up this, than a Bible!"
Dr. Jim Wicker/Professor of New Testament Studies
Southwest Seminary
“The story line is thought provoking and the artwork is top of the line.”
Gene Shelburne
Plainsfaith Magazine
“It's very creative in getting the message of the Gospels across”
Todd Robison/Owner
SonRise Christian Bookstore
“I loved the book! I think the way you've framed the story is so clever. It moves well and remains faithful to Scripture. I'm not an expert in archaeology, but I can tell you've done your homework.”
Mike Brewer
Pastor -Crescent Presbyterian Church
Author - "Who Needs a Superhero?"
“This book should appeal to comic-book fans, especially fans of the darker serials, such as The Dark Knight Returns-Batman series.”
Rob Allwright
Soteria Magazine/UK
“ I'm impressed by Eye Witness and the work you're doing”
David Crumm
Detroit Free Press

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